The Warren Line of Witches

Sadie Stratton as Charlotte Warren

Charlotte Warren

Born - Unknown
Died - Unknown
Relationship - Mother of Melinda Warren. Great (x7) grandmother of the Charmed Ones.
Marital Status - Unknown
Powers - Unknown.

Biography - Charlotte belonged to a small coven of witches, in the Colony and Dominion of Virginia, who utilised the magic of herbs and practised traditional paganism. During her pregnancy, it was foreseen that Charlotte would give birth to a very magical baby, one which would use good magic to triumph over evil. Not only was this prophecy foretold by Charlotte's coven, but also by an evil witch by the name of Ruth Cobb. In an attempt to harness the magic of the baby, by raising it evil, Ruth kidnapped Charlotte whilst she was in labour. Fortunately, the elders sent the Charmed Ones (Prudence, Piper and Phoebe) back in time and they narrowly freed Charlotte and helped her deliver a daughter, Melinda Warren. Charlotte vowed to tell her daughter of the three powerful witches who helped bring her into the world.

The credits at the end of "All Halliwell's Eve" did not label Charlotte with a surname, therefore it may not be Warren, as is commonly thought. However, the "officical companion" to Charmed, "The Book of Three", claimed her name to be Charlotte Warren.

Melinda Warren

Born - 31 October 1670 - Virginia
Died - 1 March 1692 - Salem, Massachusetts
Relationship - Matriarch of the Warren line. Great (x6) grandmother of the Charmed Ones.
Marital Status - Once Married; Lover: Matthew Tate.
Powers - Telekinesis, Molecular Immobilization, Clairvoyance (including Premonitions).

Tyler Layton as Melinda Warren

Biography - Melinda Warren was born on Halloween, 1670, to Charlotte, who vowed to inform her daughter of the Charmed Ones and how they saved their lives. During her life time Melinda was married (to an unknown husband), and at the ceremony she used a blessing cup which, since then, has been passed through the Warren generations and used at other wedding ceremonies - including Piper Halliwell’s.

In the later part of her life, Melinda moved to Salem where she met her lover Matthew Tate. Melinda had a daughter named Prudence, although whether she was born before or after Melinda’s move to Salem and who her father is, is unknown. As the witch trials began in Salem, Melinda worked closely with the mighty Marx line of witches (of whose descendants include Simon Thaddeus Reginald Marx).

However, Melinda eventually discovered that her lover, Matthew Tate, was in fact a warlock. He had been using her in order to copy her powers. Once able to do so, he reported Melinda to the Salem town council who arrested and tried her for witchcraft. Melinda Warren was sentenced to death and burnt at the stake on March 1, 1692. As she burnt, Melinda "vowed that each generation of Warren witches would become stronger and stronger", culminating in the arrival of the Charmed Ones.

Before she died, Melinda was able to curse Matthew Tate for eternity into a pewter locket, one which could only be opened by a Warren witch. A folder of family history, kept in the Halliwell's attic, reads as follows: "And because the warlock had stolen her love, she cursed him into the pewter heart, where he could spend eternity knowing the sting of betrayal."

Melinda is most famous for creating the Book of Shadows and passing it on to her descendants, including the Charmed Ones. She herself is featured in the Book as well as in several family history books and albums held in the manor. Additionally, her portrait is hung by the manor staircase.

In the future, Melinda Warren's ghost was summoned by the three Charmed Ones in order to curse Matthew Tate, for a second time, after he was accidentally freed from the pewter locket. She eventually became the "favourite ancestor" of the Halliwell sisters and was able to foresee the birth of many more Warren "daughters" in the future. Ironically, the first-born daughter of a Charmed One was named in honour of her, Piper Halliwell's third child, Melinda Halliwell.

Prudence Warren

Born - Late 1600s - Salem, Massachusetts or Virginia
Died - Unknown
Relationship - Daughter of Melinda Warren; Great (x5) grandmother of the Charmed Ones.
Marital Status - Unknown
Powers - Unknown

Biography - Prudence was the first and only daughter of Melinda Warren] and an uknown father. It is most likely, considering the average 17th century lifestyle, that Prudence was born into a married family, thus making her father to be Melinda Warren's (unknown-named) husband and not her lover, Matthew Tate. If, indeed, Prudence Warren was born to the warlock Tate, it would result in every Warren witch (except for Charlotte and Melinda Warren) having warlock blood - including the Charmed Ones.

After Melinda Warren was sentenced to death, she chose not to save herself, through the use of magic, in order to protect Prudence from witch-hunters who may later wish to hunt down and kill her young daughter. Following her mother's tragic death, Prudence was raised by kind neighbours who may or may not have been witches themselves. However, it is possible that Prudence was fostered by the Marx family due to the fact that the Marx line of witches "worked with" the Warren family during the Salem Witch Trials, the very time in which Prudence's mother was executed.

Prudence lived on to bear the next generation of Warren witches, passing onto them magical powers, knowledge of the craft and, most importantly, the Book of Shadows. According to "The Book of Three" (the "official companion" to Charmed), Prudence was able to "marry and have a daughter, thus continuing the Warren line".

In the future, at least two of her descendents were also named Prudence. Firstly, Prue Halliwell (the eldest Charmed One) and, secondly, Prudence Halliwell, grand-daughter of (the second eldest Charmed One) Piper Halliwell and daughter of either Wyatt,Christopher or Melinda Halliwell.

Beatrice Warren

Born - Unknown
Died - Unknown
Relationship - Unknown; Ancestor of the Charmed Ones; Descendant of Melinda Warren.
Marital Status - Unknown
Powers - Unknown

Biography - Beatrice Warren was a one-legged ancestor of the Charmed Ones. How she is related to the Halliwell sisters is unknown, however, a page regarding her life can be found in the Book of Shadows (despite the fact that it has never been shown on screen).

Book of Shadows entry for Brianna Warren (including an illustration of her)

Brianna Warren

Born - Unknown
Died - Unknown
Relationship - Great-great-great-aunt of the Charmed Ones; great-grand-daughter of Prudence Warren; had at least one sister]; aunt of P. Baxter; possible mother of either P. Bowen or P. Russell.
Marital Status - Unknown
Powers - Telekinesis.

Biography - Brianna was a famous ancestor of the four Charmed Ones and a powerful Warren witch. She was able to master the power of telekinesis, a gift passed down from Melinda Warren, and controlled it will her hands.

Phoebe Halliwell read from the Book of Shadows that Brianna Warren was her, and her sisters', great-great-great aunt. If this family relationship is correct, it would mean that Brianna and/or her sisters would have given birth to the '1920s Cousins'. Therefore, Brianna would be P. Baxter's aunt; Penelope Halliwell's great-aunt; Patricia Halliwell's great-great aunt; and, as confirmed by Phoebe, the Charmed One's great-great-great aunt. This could make her the mother of either P. Bowen or P. Russell.

Brianna's greatest conquest came during the Crimean War where she fought against a demonic Lord of War known as Gabriele Statler. She was able to telekinetically throw his crystal sword hundreds of miles away from him, thus leaving Gabriele defenseless.

And thus the Lord of War, his army invincible, swept through the streets leaving nothing but ashes in his wake. The cause would have been lost, had it not been for the appearance of an unlikely savior in the form of a woman. Her face lined with years of wisdom, her hands the fountainhead of a power beyond belief, the Warren Witch Brianna appeared unarmed before the conquering army. Underestimating his foe, the Lord of War ordered her summarily executed, but his plan was not to be.

Holding aloft her hands, the channel and source of her tremendous energy, Her mind focused, and her will strong, Brianna did what no man, no army could: she sent the Crystal Sword of the Lord of War high into the sky, and hundreds of miles away.

Separated from the weapon that was the source of all his power, the Lord of War was quickly defeated, his armies crushed and his campaign ruined.

Moreover, the fall from grace of this Lord of War was made even worse in the eyes of those who stood in judgement by the instrument of his destruction, a simple witch.

—Brianna, as described by the Book of Shadows

Brianna probably didn't live during the time of the Crimean War as the dates of the war conflict with the fact that she (or her sisters) would have to have given birth to the '1920s cousins'. This would mean that she either time traveled, or the name of the War given in the episode "Which Prue Is It, Anyway?" is incorrect.

1920s Cousins

P. Russell

Born - July 2, 1900
Died - February 17, 1924
Relationship - Charmed Ones' first cousin thrice removed (Phoebe Halliwell's past life); P. Baxter's and P. Bowen's first cousin.
Marital Status - Lover: Anton.
Powers - Pyrokinesis

Biography - P. Russell was born as a good Warren witch in the 19th century. She worked at the Halliwell Manor's speakeasy where she would read tarot or sell charms and hexs to customers. Unfortunately, after she fell in love with an immortal warlock known as Anton, she was slowly turned evil and began to go against her two cousins, P. Bowen and P. Baxter. Anton gave P. Russell a magical amulet which applified her power of pyrokinesis and gave her immunity against good magic. On February 17, 1924, P. Russell, under instruction from her warlock lover, attempted to murder her two cousins in order to steal their powers and take-over the manor. However, P. Baxter and P. Bowen fought back and ended up killing their cousin by strangulation.

P. Baxter and P. Bowen were also able to cast a curse on all future lives of their evil cousin, including Phoebe Halliwell. In order to save herself from the curse, Phoebe (from February 17, 2000) was able to time-travel back to the fateful day when her past life was murdered. Six years later, Phoebe (from April, 2006) again traveled to the 1920s, where Coop, a cupid, showed her that her past life shared great love for Anton, the motive behind her turning evil.

Altohugh P. Russell's first name remains unknown, it may have been Pearl, as Phoebe Halliwell claims that her ancestor, "Aunt" Pearl, owned a couch in the family manor's attic. As P. Russell worked in, and even possibly lived in, the manor, she could easily fit this profile (See: Other Family, below).

P. Bowen

Born - June, 1895
Died - May, 1970
Relationship - Charmed Ones' first cousin thrice removed (Prudence Halliwell's past life); P. Baxter's and P. Russell's first cousin.
Marital Status - Unknown
Powers - Cryokinesis

Biography - P.Bowen was a professional photographer, during the 1920s, working in the family manor. She had the power of cryokinesis, and as she acted as a good witch, her powers grew into the more powerful telekinesis in her next life, Prudence Halliwell. Her first name may have been Phoebe (Patricia Halliwell's "favourite aunt") as she died in the 1970s, allowing the pair enough time to form a close bond. Her first name may also have been Pearl, as Phoebe Halliwell claims that their ancestor, Pearl, owned a couch in the family manor's attic. As P. Bowen worked in, and even possibly lived in, the manor, she could easily fit this profile.

References - "That '70s Episode", "Sense and Sense Ability"

P. Baxter

Born - September, 1897
Died - December, 1970
Relationship - Charmed Ones' great-grandmother (Piper Halliwell’s past life); P. Bowen's and P. Russell's first cousin; Penelope Halliwell's mother, Patricia Halliwell's grandmother; Brianna Warren's niece.
Marital Status - Married: Gordon Johnson (Dan Gordan’s past life); Affair with: Leo Wyatt's past life
Powers - Molecular Immobilization

Biography - P. Baxter was Piper Halliwell’s past incarnation. She was gifted with the power of molecular immobilization (causing molecules to slow-down or freeze altogether) and as P. Baxter was a good and noble witch in her lifetime, her future life (Piper Halliwell) was passed down the very same power and even experienced it’s growth into molecular combustion.

P. Baxter married Gordon Johnson, the past life of Piper Halliwell’s neighbour Dan Gordon. However, she was also having an affair with another man, who happened to be the past life of Leo Wyatt, up until his death on May 6, 1924. Her extra-marital affairs mirror that of her grand-daughter, Patricia Halliwell with her whitelighter lover Sam Wilder. Additionally, the fact that P. Baxter loved both Gordon Johnson and “Past Leo” is similar to that of Piper Halliwell’s simultaneous relationships with both Dan and Leo.

In 1906, P. Baxter and Gordon Johnson reconstructed the present-day Halliwell Manor after is was destroyed in San Francisco's Great Earthquake. The manor itself was built directly above a spiritual Nexus (or "Woogyman" as it is known in the family) so that P. Baxter was able to have total contol over the Nexus' power in order for it not to be used for evil magic.

Eventually, the couple began running a speakeasy within the manor. By the 1920s, it had gained a large amount of popularity with P. Baxter running the events whilst her husband, Gordon Johnson, acted as a pianist in a band. Unfortunately, on February 17, 1924, P. Baxter, her husband and her cousin, P. Bowen, were all attacked, during a speak-easy, by their third cousin P. Russell and her immortal warlock lover, Anton. Although, Anton escaped unharmed, P. Baxter and P. Bowen were forced to murder their pyrokinetic cousin. P. Russell was strangled to death and all her future incarnations were cursed to die young - including Phoebe Halliwell who, fortunately, managed to fight off the curse.

P. Baxter and Gordon Johnson had at least one daughter, who was born during a visit to Boston, Mass. and named Penelope "Penny" "Grams" Johnson (following the newly-established tradition of naming all daughters with a "P"). However, within the Charmed series there have been hints that P. Baxter had other children including a son named Gordon Johnson II (although, Penelope Halliwell almost outrightly denied this, claiming to not be blood-related to any males) and three possible daughters by the names of Sylvia, Phoebe and Pearl (see: Other Family, below). P. Baxter and Gordon Johnson are also the grandparents of Patricia Halliwell and the great-grandparents of the four Charmed Ones.

According to her daughter, Penelope, P. Baxter was a "real looker", whose eyes resembled those of Paige Matthews).

Additional Family

As praised in the spell to vanquish the Source, Astrid, Helena, Laura and Grace were all powerful ancestors of the Charmed Ones). Their connection to the other Warren witches, their lives and their powers all remain unknown. A theory as to why the Charmed Ones included these ancestors in the vanquishing spell is that they had to call upon all ancestors who would, at the time, be in spirit form and not, as of yet, be reincarnated into their next life. This would explain why they did not contact the 1920s cousins (as they have all been reincarnated into the spirit form of Prudence - who was contacted - and the living Piper and Phoebe).

According to Patricia Halliwell in, her daughter, Phoebe, was named after 'her favourite aunt'). Many argue that she could be Patricia's great-aunt because Penny had no sisters. "Aunt Phoebe" could conceivably have been one of Allan Halliwell's sisters, or one of the 1920s cousins, especially P. Bowen as she died in the 70s allowing the pair many decades to closely bond together. Although P. Bowen is actually Patricia's first cousin twice removed, not an aunt, it is not implausible that Patricia could have affectionately called her "Aunt" Phoebe.

According to Phoebe Halliwell, a couch in the family manor's attic belonged to their Aunt Pearl). Some theorize Pearl could be the name of one of the 1920s cousins (as all three of them lived in or frequented the manor). Again, although P. Bowen and P. Russell were actually Phoebe's first cousins thrice removed, they might have been referred to as aunts by other family members or simply for conveniance.

According to Piper Halliwell, the sisters have a great-aunt Sylvia who collects Hummels, as it is easier to deal with them than with real people). Piper says "who collects", implying that Sylvia is currently alive. Due to the reference of 'dealing with real people', one might assume that her magical life (if she has one) conflicts with mortals around her. This may be the "manic aunt" Piper refers to in the first episode, along with a "cousin who's drunk" and "a father (Victor Bennett) who's invisible".

Janice Halliwell, not part of the Warren line, nor a witch, was Allen Halliwell's sister, therefore the sisters' great-aunt. According to her brother, she looks extremely similar to the Charmed One, Paige Matthews). This could imply that Janice was Paige's past life.

According to Leo, Hubert, Milton and Clarence were the names of husbands of the Warren Witches. He read these names from the Warren family tree, however, the entire tree teems with continuity errors [including the claim that Melinda Warren had two daughters, that the Charmed Ones had male Warren ancestors (in particular Grams' 'brother' and 'great-uncle', despite the fact that she had vowed no men were born into the Warren line), naming Allen Halliwell as 'Jack', wrongly claiming that Brianna Warren was their great(x5)-grandmother as opposed to their great(x3)-aunt (though there could have been more than one Brianna in the family, one being the great-granddaughter of the other), not having Melinda Warren as their great(x6)-grandmother but as their great(x15)-grandmother, as well as many incorrect birth and death dates].

Close Family

Jennifer Rhodes as Penny "Grams" Halliwell

Penelope Halliwell, nee Johnson

Born - June 23, 1931, Boston
Died - March 5, 1998, San Francisco
Relationship - Daughter of P. Baxter and Gordon Johnson; Mother of Patricia Halliwell; Grandmother of the Charmed Ones.
Marital Status - Married four times; first marriage: Allen Halliwell.
Powers - Telekinesis.

Jennifer Rhodes, Kara Zediker - Grandmother of Prue, Piper, Phoebe, and Paige; mother of Patricia, wife of Allen Halliwell (and three other men). Born Penelope Johnson on June 23, 1931 and died March 5, 1998. A powerful and no-nonsense woman, she possessed the power of telekinesis and added a great many potions and spells to the Book of Shadows. She bound Prue, Piper, and Phoebe's powers when they were children to protect them from a warlock. After Patty died, Grams raised the three girls on her own and kept the secrets of their Charmed destiny and Paige's existence from them. She died of a heart attack six months before the events of the first season), but continues to watch over her grandchildren (she flips the pages of the Book of Shadows in the early years). "Women in our family keep their last name."

Allen Halliwell

Born - 19 June 1930
Died - 13 January 1967, San Francisco
Relationship - Brother of Janice Halliwell; Father of Patricia Halliwell; Grandfather of the Charmed Ones.
Marital Status - Married: Penelope "Penny" Johnson.
Powers - None (mortal).

Patrick Cassidy - Allen Halliwell was the first husband of Penelope "Penny" Johnson, the father of her only daughter, Patricia Halliwell, and grandfather of the four Charmed Ones (Prudence, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell, and Paige Matthews). Allen, a mortal who was completely accepting of witchcraft, and his wife were peace-loving hippies during the 1960s, hosting many be-ins at the family manor and gatherings in the local park. Unfortunately, Allen was killed by Penny's former best friend, Robyn, and Robyn's warlock boyfriend, Nigel. As a result, Penelope became a fierce demon and warlock slayer, vanquishing Nigel in revenge. Allen was never able to witness the birth of his granddaughters; however, he met Piper, Phoebe and Paige when the three accidentally time-traveled to the time immediately before (and immediately after) his death. According to his widow, Allen was a "good man" and, even today, his great-grandson Wyatt Halliwell has "a little" resemblance to him.

Finola Hughes as Patty Halliwell

Patricia Halliwell

Born - 5 April 1950
Died - 28 February 1978, San Francisco
Relationship - Daughter of Penelope and Allen Halliwell; Neice of Janice Halliwell and "Aunt Phoebe"; Mother of the Charmed Ones; Grandmother of Wyatt, Chris and Melinda Halliwell, Henry Mitchell Jr. and Phoebe's and Paige's other children.
Marital Status - Married: Victor Bennett; Lover: Samuel Wilder
Powers - Molecular Immobalization.

Finola Hughes, Alyssa Milano - Mother of Prue, Piper, Phoebe, and Paige; daughter of Allen and Penelope. She was married to Victor Bennett and had an affair with her Whitelighter Samuel Wilder (Paige's father)). Patty kept her fourth pregnancy a secret, since the Elders wouldn't approve, and gave the baby up shortly after giving birth). Only her mother and lover knew about that child. Like Piper, Patty possessed the power of temporal stasis, and she was briefly able to have premonitions while carrying Phoebe. She was killed by a water demon on February 28, 1978, but her spirit occasionally visits her children.

Victor Bennett

Born - Unknown.
Relationship - Father of Prudence, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell; Step-Father of Paige Matthews; Granfather of Wyatt, Chris and Melinda Halliwell and Phoebe's daughters.
Marital Status - Married twice, first: Patricia "Patty" Halliwell, second: Doris (in 2003).
Powers - None (mortal).

Tony Denison (season 1), James Read (seasons 3-8) - The father of Prue, Piper, and Phoebe. Born in 1949. He divorced the Charmed Ones' mother, Patricia Halliwell, when the girls were young, after learning his wife and daughters had supernatural powers. Victor wasn't present for much of the girls' lives; his eldest daughter Prue resented him for most of her life. He began building a relationship with his daughters after they rediscovered their powers in their twenties). By end of the third season, he was on good terms with all three girls. At the beginning of the fourth season, he found out that Patty and her whitelighter Sam had a daughter named Paige together, and treated her like a daughter of his own. He has also reconciled with Patty through conversations with her ghost (though he still doesn't get along with Grams' spirit). Victor travels a lot for work and only occasionally drops in for visits. In the future as told by his grandson Chris, he and Victor were close due to Piper's death; however, as the Charmed Ones and Chris put the future on a different course and Piper's death was averted, it is unknown if this will change (based upon how happy adult Wyatt and Chris are to see Victor in the episode "Forever Charmed", it appears the two grandsons still have a close relationship with their grandfather even though Piper lives to an old age). He takes custody of both Wyatt and Chris when the Charmed Ones have to fake their deaths at the end of Season 7). Tony Denison portrayed Victor for one episode, after which James Read took over the role. Victor was originally written to have the surname Jones (see "Thank You for Not Morphing"), however, he was officially re-named Victor Bennett.

Samuel Wilder

Born - 1800s
Died - 1800s/1900s; 2000
Relationship - Father of Paige Matthews; Grandfather of Henry Mitchell Jr. and Paige's other two daughters.
Marital Status - Lover: Patricia "Patty" Halliwell.
Powers - Whitelighter powers.

Scott Jaeck - During the seventeenth century, Sam Wilder was an award winning teacher, earning his award in 1872. Following his death, he was given the chance to be a whitelighter and was, subsequently, assigned to Patty Halliwell's. The two fell in love causing Patty and Victor to separate. Patty eventually became pregnant with Paige and they mutually decided to give the baby up due to the rule forbidding Whitelighters and Witches from coupling. Later when Patty attempted to battle a Water Demon, Sam tried to stop her but Patty died. Going into depression, Sam stopped answering his Whitelighter calls until he met Patty's first three daughters over 20 years later. Helping them destroy the Water Demon that killed Patty, Sam fell victim as well and died a second time. He was eventually resurrected again as a Whitelighter and eventually met his daughter Paige). They have an on-again/off-again relationship that is still not completely resolved.

Children of the Charmed Ones

Children of Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt

Wyatt Matthew Halliwell: Wes Ramsey, Jason & Kristopher Simmons - Wyatt, the first child of Piper and Leo, was born to a prophecy that he is the 'twice-blessed son'. Born February 2, 2003, the day of the Wiccan Festival of Lights, he is gifted with much magical power, including being the heir to Excalibur. In an alternate future, Wyatt was kidnapped by the corrupted elder Gideon, and was, subsequently, raised evil. During his adult life he murdered his surviving aunt (Phoebe Halliwell - Paige Matthews had already been killed by the Titans, and the Power of Three was broken) and may have even been responsible for the death of his own parents. He later took over the manor, spread evil through it and tried to murder his brother, Christopher Halliwell, and killed Chris' fianceé, Bianca. Luckily, Chris was able to travel back in time, to before Wyatt's kidnapping, and managed to keep Wyatt pure and innocent. Leo Wyatt, their father, killed Gideon, and Wyatt grew to become a gentle and kind whitelighter-witch, who sacrifices his time in order to vanquish demons and warlocks and save innocents.

Christopher Perry Halliwell: Drew Fuller - Chris was the second son of Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt. During the time when Piper and Leo separated (when Leo was promoted to becoming an elder) the couple accidentally traveled to the ghostly plane. It was here that, after discussing their true feelings for one another, they conceived Chris.

Piper handing a lunchbox to her third child in "Forever Charmed".

Unfortunately, in an alternate future Chris was raised by his grandfather, Victor Bennett (who later developed a smoking-related illness that may have killed him), after his mother, Piper Halliwell, died when he was 14. Furthermore, Chris had to deal with the fact that his elder brother, Wyatt, had become evil and was responsible for the death of Chris' fianceé, Bianca, and his aunt Phoebe Halliwell. Fortunately, Chris traveled back in time, to before Wyatt turned evil and managed to save his family. He is kind, humorous (although somewhat neurotic; he notes that Wyatt's multitude of powers has left him with an "inferiority complex"), and believes that family should always come first.

Melinda Halliwell: After the births of Wyatt and Chris, Piper and Leo had a third child, and their first daughter. She was shown only in a short scene, being sent off to school with Wyatt and Chris, in one of the flashforward sequences at the very end of "Forever Charmed". The name "Melinda" appeared in one of the episode's casting scripts, but the name was not mentioned explicitly in the final episode. Other than the fact that she exists, there is as little information about her as the eventual children of Phoebe and Paige.

Children of Phoebe Halliwell and Coop

Billie Jenkins with Phoebe's two eldest daughters in "Forever Charmed".

Daughter Halliwell (First name unknown): Sierra Paris, Sierra Parks, Adair Tishler - With her husband Coop, Phoebe will conceive a daughter a few years after the birth of her nephew Christopher Halliwell. The daughter is only ever nicknamed on the show as "Ladybug". Subsequently, she will attend a local primary school, alongside her two cousins, Wyatt and Chris, who will often tease her by playing on her mild fear of demons. Phoebe has been extremely proud of her daughter, even years before her birth.

Daughters Halliwell: After the birth of "Ladybug", Phoebe and Coop will also be blessed with another two, unprophesized daughters. Their names and powers are unknown. The youngest of these two daughters will be born when "Ladybug" is six, according to the original shooting script. Alexis Raich portrayed the eldest of these two daughters in the series finale, "Forever Charmed".

Children of Paige Matthews and Henry Mitchell

Paige and her three children, in "Forever Charmed".

Twin Daughters and Henry: In the future, as witnessed in the series finale "Forever Charmed", Paige Matthews and her husband Henry Mitchell will become the parents of three children. Two were twin daughters and the third was a boy named Henry Jr. While Henry (senior) carried on working as a parole officer, Paige was able to look after their children and work as a guiding whitelighter for young witches and neophyte whitelighters. It is very likely that Henry, Jr. and the twins will develop whitelighter-witch abilities as did their mother and their cousins Wyatt and Christopher Halliwell. This would include orbing, healing, sensing and glamouring, as well as them being able to gain witch powers (for instance, telekinesis, clairvoyance, molecular manipulation, etc.) or a hybrid between both witch and whitelighter powers (for instance, telekinetic orbing).

Known grandchildren of the Charmed Ones

Grandchildren of Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt

Various grandchildren, running through the house, in "Forever Charmed".

Matthew Halliwell: Leo Wyatt's and Piper Halliwell's eldest grandchild is to be called Matthew. He is a whitelighter-witch, who has the power of telekinetic orbing. During his childhood, Matthew will attend Magic School, with his grandfather, Leo, as his teacher. Due to the fact that he is part whitelighter he is either the son of Wyatt or Christopher Halliwell (based on the fact that when Melinda was conceived, Leo was mortal with no whitelighter powers, which would make Melinda an ordinary witch.) and as his first name is Wyatt's middle name, this may indicate that he is Wyatt's son. Like Prue, he channels his power through his eyes.

Piper's youngest granddaughter, in "Forever Charmed".

Prudence Halliwell: Julia Di Angelo - The youngest grandchild of Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt will be a girl with the power of telekinesis. In the series finale, "Forever Charmed", she is seen reading the Book of Shadows with her 'grandmama', after which she uses her telekinesis to close the manor doors for the final time. This could be the daughter of Melinda Halliwell, because Melinda isn't part-whitelighter. Prudence was named after her great-aunt, Prue Halliwell.

Others: Other grandchildren of Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt may include two other granddaughters and two more grandsons.

Children of the Charmed Ones in alternate realities

Melinda Halliwell: Clara Thomas - During the episode "Morality Bites", the three original Charmed Ones traveled to the future, where Piper met her alternate future daughter, with Leo Wyatt, Melinda. Although the Charmed Ones actually met Melinda in the future, this was a future in which Melinda was Piper's first born child, Leo and Piper were divorced, Prue was still alive, Leo was not an Elder (nor, to our knowledge, an Avatar), and Wyatt and Chris Halliwell did not exist.

Though unexpected, it was not a total surprise when later Piper's first pregnancy produced a boy, Wyatt, not Melinda. It has been explained in the series that with each action made, a different future is created for all. Because of this we can assume the future that Melinda was shown in is permanently changed and that this Melinda has ceased to exist. Piper was planning to name her first child Prudence Melinda Halliwell based on this future.

Phoebe's and Leslie's Children: When the Charmed Ones changed reality after Lady Godiva was not able to demonstrate women's rights, they created a world where women were completely subservient to men. In this world, Phoebe Halliwell married Lesley "Les" St. Claire and, subsequently, had his children.

Phoebe? What are you doing here? What are you wearing? Who's watching our children? Why aren't you at home with them?

—Les, The Bare Witch Project

No Children: In the reality where Melinda Halliwell was born, Phoebe did not have any children. Additionally, the same can be said for Paige in the future where she was killed by the Titans and Wyatt was converted to evil (Phoebe may also not have had children in this reality).

Friends, lovers, allies, and co-workers

Coop: Victor Webster - The cupid sent by the elders for Phoebe to fall in love with. After all they put her through the elders believed it was the least they could do. Phoebe and Coop married in 2006 and had 3 daughters.

Henry Mitchell: Ivan Sergei - Paige's husband (married in 2006) who is a Parole Officer. He knows she's a witch and has no problem with that. He and Paige first met in Episode "Battle of the Hexes" where Henry was parole officer to Paige's new charge, at first they didn't really like each other, but their relationship grew overtime. They had 2 twin girls and a boy in the future.

Agent Kyle Brody: Kerr Smith - A mysterious federal agent who knows a lot about the supernatural world. Brody witnessed his parents' murder (by supernatural means) as a child and spent the majority of his life seeking vengeance against the beings he believed to be responsible for their deaths. For the majority of his life, he believed those beings were the Avatars, an ancient supernatural race determined to end the battle between Good and Evil by imposing their own order on the world. Brody is an ordinary mortal armed only with an ancient potion that kills Avatars. His search for these beings leads him to the Charmed Ones; he helps keep their secret in exchange for their help. While Piper, Phoebe, Leo, and Darryl are wary of Brody's extreme methods, Paige overlooks his obsession as she falls in love with him. Despite being later convinced that the Avatars were, in fact, not responsible for the death of his parents, Brody remained unconvinced of their motives, and formed an alliance with the demon Zankou in an effort to stop the Avatars from going through with their plan. Brody was killed while taking out the Avatar Beta, only to return as a whitelighter to bid farewell to his beloved Paige.

Darryl Morris: Dorian Gregory - Although Darryl is not a part of the Halliwell clan, he is like family to the girls. Darryl is a detective and is the reason the girls don't get arrested in the many times where they come close. No doubt about it, Morris looks after the Charmed Ones. He knows their secret and so does his wife. He is always sacrificing his job to help out.

Sheila Morris: Sandra Prosper - Sheila is the wife of Inspector Darryl Morris. Darryl told her about the Halliwells' being witches and she was able to cope with and understand it, which brought a bit of shock to the Halliwell Sisters. Sheila was later told to never be around the Halliwell Sisters again, by Darryl, because he almost got killed while covering for them.

Agent Murphy: Brandon Quinn - A federal agent from homeland security much like Agent Brody and Keyes. The sisters reveal to him that they faked their deaths and made him promise to cover up their secret for them, in exchange for his safety and the occasional supernatural favour for the government. After the sisters discovered a government strategy using demons to create supersoldiers, which nearly wiped out the magical community, the sisters and Agent Murphy decided to stop working together.

Jason Dean: Eric Dane - He was the new boss of 'The Bay Mirror', the newspaper Phoebe wrote advice for, and became Phoebe's boyfriend for over a year. Jason was very career-oriented, and Phoebe traveled all over the world with him, including living in Hong Kong for a while. Phoebe was always working to keep her witch life a secret from him, and when he found out, he broke up with her.

Drake Demon: Billy Zane - Drake was a Mercury Demon who had never killed an innocent because his extensive readings had taught him about human feelings. Cole Turner's ghost directed him to a Sorcerer who made him human for a year - the condition was that Drake had to renew Phoebe's faith in love before his year ended (at which point he'd die). Drake retained his demonic powers, but would lose them to the Sorcerer if he used them for evil. He worked briefly at the Magic School and fulfilled his promise to Cole before he died (falling for Phoebe in the process).

Elder Odin: John de Lancie - A very powerful and uncompromising Whitelighter Elder.

Elise Rothman is Phoebe's boss and editor at the Bay Mirror. She is hard and strict, but as the series progressed has become somewhat less so, especially towards Phoebe.

Seer II: Charisma Carpenter - A clairvoyant demon who uses a large pool to show her visions to her visitors. She foresees the Avatar's ascendance and attempts to make a deal with the Charmed Ones to become mortal. She's vanquished by Zankou before she has the chance.

Jack Sheridan: Lochlyn Munro - Jack worked alongside Prue Halliwell in Bucklands Auction House. A cocky, friendly, fun-loving man who is surprisingly competent at his job. He dates Prue until she quits from her job at Bucklands. He has an identical twin brother named Jeff.

Leslie St. Claire: Nick Lachey - A ghostwriter hired to write Phoebe Halliwell's advice column at the beginning of the 7th Season. Although Phoebe was shocked to learn that her ghostwriter was a man, she nonetheless finds herself in a romantic relationship with him for the six episodes during which he appeared.

Dex Lawson: Jason Lewis- A artist who apparently has an interest in Phoebe in the beginning of the 8th season, after finding out that she was dead. Phoebe surprisingly has a premonition that they are going to get married. After an overnight trip with him, they get married, but only under the influence of a spell. She has no other choice but to tell him the truth: that she is a witch. She predicted that he was going to be her child's father and later on takes a pregnancy test believing she is pregnant. Her second test proved it was false. With that, she told Dex to annul the marriage and to take things slower.

Elder Sandra: Elizabeth Dennehy - This female Elder is nicer to Leo and the sisters, even after they caused a big chaos in attempt to change the world. When Paige received a ringing (like all the other whitelighters), she sent her out to help a whitelighter-to-be in order to stop the ringing. That helped Paige gain clarity to herself and Sandra helped her to accept her new destiny as a whitelighter.

Glen Belland: Jesse Woodrow - He had been Paige's best friend since kindergarten, and they have been dating and breaking-up since high school. Eventually he married Jessica, a girl he met while climbing the Matterhorn in Switzerland.