Victor Webster - Coop

Coop is a cupid. He is played by Victor Webster.

Cupids are a race of magical beings, associated with Love. Coop was sent by the Elders to help Phoebe with her love life. He gave her a lot of advice, and he took her to the past to see her past loves (Cole Turner, Dex Lawson, etc.), so she could love again.

They later fall in love, even though it is forbidden for a Cupid to fall in love with a human just like it was forbidden for Whitlighters to date, marry, or even have children with their charges but of course that pretty much changed after Piper and Leo got married and had kids and Patty and Sam having Paige. At first Phoebe doesn't admit her love for Coop, but further in the series Phoebe starts to admit that she's falling for Coop. In the series finale, it was revealed that their love was actually given blessing by the Elders as a way of making up for all that they put her through as a Charmed One. As adult Wyatt says in the finale "It wasn't and it will not be, a forbidden love".

The same episode, which depicts the futures of the Charmed Ones, shows their wedding and the three daughters they eventually have.

Another fact to note is that in season three, Phoebe is told that an apple peel in water will take the form of the letter of her true loves name. It's a "C," which at that time was meant to imply Cole. This prediction does come to pass though, as Coop is revealed to be her true love.